Bachelors Of Living Enlightenment

Are some individuals really wired differently from the rest of us?  Does such an awakened state as ‘enlightenment’ really exist?  Are the expressions of an enlightened consciousness scientifically quantifiable?  Can spiritual states be transmitted from Master to disciple?

5760 Hours   approx. Program Length

360  –  Total Credits

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For centuries, science and spirituality have been battling out on
these issues of perennial importance for humanity, attempting
to find a unified thread of existence. Although spiritual
teachers have always maintained that enlightenment is a ‘real’
phenomenon, and a perfectly realizable goal for all of us, the
scientific community has naturally been unwilling to accept this
without solid proof, called ‘prāmaṇa’ in Vedic philosophy. It is
only in the recent past that science has made a sustained effort
to demystify the ancient mystic yogic sciences and to gather
sound scientific evidence that explains — why the spiritually
super-evolved beings are endowed with ‘powers’ that the rest
of us can only dream about.  In this course students learn the rules of science,
and how to apply this in their daily life to experience super-conscious breakthroughs.
rājavidyā rājaguhyaṃpavitravamadamuttamamI
pratyakṣāvagamaṃ dhamyaṃsusukhaṃ katuumavyayamII 9.2
This knowledge is king of all knowledge and the greatest secret of all
secrets. It is the purest knowledge, sacred, and because it gives direct
perception of the Self by Self-realization, it is the perfection of
religion, dharma. It is eternal, easy, and it is very joyfully performed.

This scripture on which this course is based is taken from the “Bhagavad
Gita, ch 9, verse 2”, which belongs to the “Bhagavad Gita” branch of the
Hindu Scriptural tree.

Learning Outcomes Living Enlightenment :

1. Core Cognitions

2. Core Scriptural Knowledge

3. Learning Sanskrit

4. Decoding Thought Currents

5. Oneness with Paramashiva

6. Listening (self, surroundings, unmanifest) : Shravana

7. Intra-analysing : Manana

8. Manifesting : Nididhyasana

9. Downloading Cognitions of Rishis

10. Power over the Manifest and friendliness with the Unmanifest

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