Broadcast your events with reliable, high-quality live streaming. Warner Bros. and Xelevated Brands use cookies (or similar technologies) to measure our audience, enhance your browsing experience and provide you with advertising based on your browsing activities and interests on this and other sites. Make social videos in an instant: use custom templates to tell the right story for your business. Live Streaming. After Kubrick's death in 1999, Ronson gained access to Kubrick's legendary boxes, the more than 1,000 vessels of ephemera hoarded by the master. Create. Cookie Notice. A few years after his death, the widow of Stanley Kubrick (1928-1999) asks Jon Ronson to look through the contents of about 1,000 boxes of meticulously sorted materials Kubrick left.He finds that most contain materials reflecting work Kubrick did after the release of “Barry Lindon ” in 1975, when Kubrick’s film output slowed down. With Jon Ronson, Anthony Frewin, Jan Harlan, Christiane Kubrick. So, uh, what's in the boxes… Stanley Kubrick's Boxes August 2, 2008 2:40 PM Subscribe Documentarian and author Jon Ronson ( previously ) has spent the past few years sifting through Kubrick's house and the Stanley Kubrick Archive at the University of Arts London . A book-end companion piece for Stanley Kubrick’s Boxes is the documentary Room 237 (2012) which looks at Kubrick’s meticulous detailing from the movie-goer’s perspective, with multiple interpretations of the movie The Shining that range from the ingenious to the downright insane. 2001: A Space Odyssey, White, All-Over Pattern, Men’s T-Shirt, with Stanley Kubrick Collector’s Box £35.00 £17.50 Stanley Kubrick (/ ˈ k uː b r ɪ k /; July 26, 1928 – March 7, 1999) was an American film director, producer, screenwriter, and photographer.He is frequently cited as one of the greatest filmmakers in cinematic history. Produced by Jess Ludgrove, John Sergeant. Directed by Jon Ronson. Stanley Kubrick Collection. Stanley Kubrick's Boxes is a 2008 documentary film directed by Jon Ronson about the film director Stanley Kubrick.Ronson's intent was not to create a biography of the filmmaker but rather to understand Kubrick by studying the director's vast personal collection of memorabilia related to his feature films. Executive producers, Fenton Bailey, Randy Barbato. Ronson […] Stanley Kubrick Best known as a Director based on credits in that role in 12 films, with $395,032,344 worldwide aggregate box office (rank #421) Best-known technical roles: Eyes Wide Shut (Director), Eyes Wide Shut (Producer), Eyes Wide Shut (Screenwriter), Full … Stanley Kubrick’s Boxes U.K. Production: A World of Wonder production for Channel 4. Jon Ronson is asked by the widow of Stanley Kubrick to investigate the contents of about a thousand boxes left by Kubrick, shown to contain materials reflecting the work Kubrick did …

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