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 Subject Areas:   

         Hindu Business

Business Fundamentals

Hindu Accounting

Hindu Business Administration

Hindu Business Analytics

Hindu Business Management

Hindu Entrepreneurship

Hindu Financial Planning

Hindu Human Resources

Hindu Marketing

Hindu Operations Management

Hindu Project Management



     Hindu Education

Adult Education

Administration and Supervision 

Curriculum and Instruction

Early Childhood

Education Administration

Education Technology

Educational Leadership

Elementary Education

Secondary Education

Special Education

Teaching Strategies

Liberal Studies

Higher Education Administration


Hindu Arts & Humanities


Hindu Communications

Heard from the Master’s (Paathabedha)

Hindu Dictionary (Negandu)

Sanskrit (Including phonetic importance and translation to English)


Hindu Criminal Justice

Hindu Criminal Justice

Hindu Correctional Program Support Services

Hindu Criminal Justice Administration

Hindu Public Administration 

Hindu Security Management

Hindu Criminal Justice & Security


         Hindu Healthcare

Health Administration

Health Management

Nursing Practice

Health Care Compliance and Privacy

Health Care Informatics Certificate

Health Care Information Systems

Health Administration with a concentration in Informatics

Public Health with concentration in Community Health Leadership

Nursing with concentration in Informatics

Nursing with concentration in Nurse Administration

Nursing with concentration in Nurse Education

Nursing with concentration in Nursing/Family Nurse Practitioner

Nursing Administrators Certificate

Nursing Educators Certificate


      Hindu Psychology

Industrial-Organizational Psychology

Psychology in Media & Technology


       Hindu Behavioral Sciences

Correctional Program Support

Social Work


   Hindu Sciences

Hindu Environmental Science


   Hindu Culni


Hindu Cybersecurity

Hindu Counseling

Hindu Curriculum & Instruction

Hindu Databases

Hindu Education Administration

Hindu Project Management

Hindu Research and Statistics

Hindu Public Administration

Hindu Technology

Hindu Technology General

Hindu Technology Science

Hindu Databases

Hindu Programming

Hindu Networks

Hindu Finance


Hindu Healthcare

Hindu Mathematics

Hindu Marketing

Hindu Natural Sciences

Human Resources

Hindu Research and Statistics

Human Services

Hindu Social & Behavioral Sciences

Hindu Systems

Hindu Teaching Strategies

Hindu Finance




The below chart is created to bring out the efforts of Modern Science till date. To show how modern science maps onto larger concepts of Hinduism. 


Observations: Efforts in modern science have focused on studying, understanding the nature around us and then application of these understood principles for efficient functioning of nature, people, society around us.


JEEVA Spiritual Science The dimension of spirituality that exists beyond the physically known universe remains largely unknown.
JAGAT Natural Science : 

Biology, Chemistry, Physics

Life Science:

scientific study of life and organisms

  • Understanding the mind: Neuroscience
  • Etymology
  • Anatomy
  • Genetics
  • Pharmacy
  • Ecology

Physical Science

concerned with the description, prediction, and understanding of natural phenomena, based on empirical evidence from observation and experimentation




Earth Science

Materials Science


Atmospheric Science

which study nature in the broadest sense
JAGAT Social Science:  psychology, sociology, economics anthropology, archaeology, communication studies, economics, folkloristics, history, musicology, human geography, jurisprudence, linguistics, political science, psychology, public health, and sociology. which study people and societies

category of academic disciplines concerned with society and the relationships among individuals within a society

Power Manifestation is the Result of Using Powerful Cognitions Applied Science: Engineering and Medicine


Within natural science, disciplines that are basic science, also called pure science, develop basic information to predict and perhaps explain and understand phenomena in the natural world.

Applied science is the use of scientific processes and knowledge as the means to achieve a particular practical or useful result. 

This includes a broad range of applied science related fields from engineering, medicine to early childhood education

thermodynamics, heat transfer, fluid mechanics, statics, dynamics, mechanics of materials, kinematics, electromagnetism, materials science, earth sciences, engineering physics.

Medical sciences, for instance medical microbiology and clinical virology, 

disciplines that use science

application of existing scientific knowledge to practical applications, like technology or inventions

ISWARA (?) (?) (?)
(?) Formal Science branch of science studying formal language disciplines concerned with formal systems, such as logic, mathematics, statistics, theoretical computer science, artificial intelligence, information theory, game theory, systems theory, decision theory, and theoretical linguistics
(?_) Conceptualization of Science with Culture Relates to how science evolved


History Relates to About Science